Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Your New~ness Emerges

From the old emerges the new.

Via positive changes, welcome shifts, unexpected upheavals, breakups, breakdowns and break-throughs, 2012 was a cosmically guided tour into our heart space. Inviting us to listen to the sometimes-not-so-quiet whispers of our soul's calling, visions, dream seeds and purpose. A bridge that carried us across
from the old to our {new} way forward.

New~ness is not something separate from us that lives way over there. It is within us. Right now. We gain access to it by being present in the now moment. The now activates the new. The start of a new year turns up the volume of the new~ness that calls us forth. Though we don't need a new year to access our soul's direction in any given moment. We only need to pay attention in the now {new} moment. Notice the synchronistic happenings that are showing up in your life, what messages do they have for you? Cultivate deeper awareness of your thoughts, habits and behaviours, are they pinning you down or gifting you expansion? Tune in with your body when asking questions or deciding what to do, does it cause you urkiness or make you feel good? When we are mindful of our inner happenings we empower ourselves to create positive change and make room for what we really want.

To gain clarity with what you really want, be open to what calls you forward, what gives you joy, what creates peace for you. When you are in these moments, you are in your flow. Which means you are in the now. Ever notice when you step out of your flow, things just don't seem to, well, flow?

The now is a precious place where our being~ness thrives. It's where the new~ness emerges.

Welcome to 2013, a brand new year. May it's arrival remind you that new~ness lives within you. Wishes to you for 365 days filled with love, peace, joy, kindness and random acts of creative genius. My wish to self is for 365 acts of creativity. Join me on the journey. Stay tuned for more info in this week's creative nudge.

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p.s. Kalvin asks what new~ness are you opening up to in 2013? The more we open up to the now, the more we open up to the new. He says this doesn't mean we can clearly see all the steps ahead or that we will know what's coming around every corner. It does mean that we gain the ability to know what next step to take. When we hold the vision of what we want, knowing our next step is really all we need to know. The rest will flow. Because our wishes, dreams and desires are made manifest one step at a time. Attempting to control what will unfold, when and how is to step out of our flow. Our flow is organic, breathing and ever-evolving. Stay current with its currents by opening to the present. Open to the presence of you.

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