Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Luck or Laser-Beam Focus

When previously perceived impossible good things happen or are wanted, it often evokes statements like, “Aren’t you lucky!", “They must have had lady luck on their side" or "You'll need a lot of luck with that!".

What if you knew it's not a matter of luck but deliberate laser-beam-focus on what you want and being in alignment with that. When we get out of our own way long enough and go the flow of our divine stream, as we splash about, paddle, drift, float and let the current guide us through the waters of what feels good for our being... "Whooshka!", it can seem like luck just showed up with the very thing we were wanting, wishing, dreaming, desiring, hoping, praying or searching for.

But in order to be the receiver of what you hold in your heart and see in your wildest dreams, you know what has to really show up?


This week be willing to go to the edges of what you think is possible for you to be, do or have.

No luck required. 

With deliberate laser-like focus see what you truly desire for yourself and your life, feel it, think about it, breathe it, believe it, know it… then let it go. That laser-beam you sent out has the details sorted. Allow yourself to receive the divine requests you're putting out there. Show up within yourself and stand up for the life you are here to create.

You are the crucial component.

You know what that means? 

You are the four leaf clover, you lucky earthing, you.

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Shine on, Jelena x

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