Monday, February 17, 2014

Your Pulse is Connected

There beyond the felt-sense of anger, grief, hurt, judgement, pain and sadness... when you encounter these powerful emotions in your beingness on any level, love yourself enough to feel them. Feel your way through them to the other side. There is light, an enlightening expansion and a liberating exhale awaiting you at the end of such tunnels.

But, you got to ride those waves all the way to the shore. 

Otherwise, when you pause enough to notice, you will see they sure will, and do, find any which way to speak to you, to reach you, to get your conscious attention - via your body, mind, heart and spirit, via your energy, the goings on in your inner or outer worlds, or both.

If you think, 'The Universe doesn't listen to me', 'Why would the Universe notice me?', 'Why does it matter to the Universe which way I go?', oh it hears you, it notices you, it matters.

Because you are made up of the same stuff. 
The Universe is within you. 
There is nowhere you can go without being a part of it. 

Not even when you feel stuck, confused, blocked, bad, unseen, disconnected, alone, lonely or worthless. No matter how far you wish or want to run away, hide or think you can numb it gone. Though such states blur the clear communication you were born with that connects your pulse to the pulse of the Universe. Such states cause static in your innate connection; insights are missed or dismissed, messages are denied or doubted, synchronicity is brushed aside and happenings are misread or misunderstood.

How to clear your channels? Feel.

Feel into what you are resisting that is causing the blur in the first place. You don't have to plunge your whole self right into it. Even one step at a time counts. You can do it. You are here to live your life awake. Sure, it will ask you to pluck up courage like you've maybe never seen or felt before. On the flip side, it will open your heart, expand your inner happiness and deepen your freedom within like you've maybe never imagined possible.

Allowing yourself to become more aware of your authentic self, what you are really doing and how you are truly moving through life, well, it may birth miracles.

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Shine on, Jelena x

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