Friday, December 28, 2012

Fuel Your Vision

Creative Nudge Fridays is here!

Welcome to the fifth nudge. We're fuelling our visions. 

The energies of new~ness are magnified right now. We have birthed through a new cycle of the Mayan calendar, and are only days away from the birth of a new cycle of our Gregorian calendar. It's a brilliant time for checking-in and
reconnecting with ourselves on a deeper level. When we open our {inner} eyes wider to where we have come from and where we are at, we allow ourselves to step into greater alignment with our {new} way forward. Even when we are unsure what our way forward is or what it might look like. The unknown is one of the most magical places to be in. It's where we transcend our limitations, reservations and all that has previously held us back.

Here is a nudge to help you align with the new~ness that is awaiting you. Create a vision board. You will need some magazines, a pair of scissors, glue and a sheet of paper or cardboard (A2 or A3 is ideal or whatever size works for you). This exercise can be done in 20 minutes, though take as little or as long as you like. Gather images that call you. Then, glue the images onto your sheet of paper or cardboard. Keep going until your sheet is filled or until you feel it's done! Include words too if you like. Do what feels good for you. This is *your* vision board!

To help fuel your visions and make them real, go beyond the images that you think you should use. We are often told by our external world what our wishes, dreams and desires ought to be + what our visions are supposed to look like. Instead, rest your head and enter your heart. As you flip through magazines, gather images that call you forward, that give you joy and create peace for you from the inside, out. When you are in these moments, you are in your flow. And your flow is what transports you from the now moment to the next {new} moment.

Creative tip; If you need to find magazines for this nudge, ask friends and family if they have any they no longer need. Or visit your local op shop or charity store.

To remind yourself that new~ness is calling you forth, take a photo of your vision board, then use the pic as your screen saver or wallpaper on your phone or computer.

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Every now moment is a new moment that offers us a clean slate. A new year amplifies this knowing. Tune into its energies to fuel your visions!

Create on, Jelena x

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