Friday, December 7, 2012

Let Found Treasure Find You

Creative Nudge Fridays is here!

Welcome to the second nudge. We're going to let found treasure find us. 

Treasure is always on our path if we open up to seeing {and receiving} it. Treasures do not always show up in the packaging we expect, though it does not make the treasure any less a gift. When we allow ourselves to receive the little
things, we create the space to let the bigger things in too.

Here is an exercise to enhance your ability to receive the little things (to help invite in those bigger things!), it is a two step process you might like to do over the weekend:

Gather objects that call you. Then use those objects to inspire a poem.

It begins with a walk. No sweating or workout gear required. Walk around your home, up your street, through your local park or make use of any routine walks you already do. You can walk inside, around your living space or work area. Walk wherever you wish for about 10 minutes or however long works for you.

As you walk, notice the little things; objects you can pick up with one hand. It might be a natural object like a leaf, flower, stick, stone, rock, pebble, shell or feather. It might be human-made such as a coin, key, nut, bolt, nail, wire, thread, bead or bottle cap. Be open to whatever is on your path. Gather what calls you.

Tip: You know what calls you when you feel an impulse to pick it up. Try not to force yourself to find things. Trust your found treasure(s) will find you. There are no right or wrong objects. For this process, between 3 to 12 objects will do or however many you wish.

When you've gathered your objects, lay them out in front of you. Pick them up one at a time and ask, 'What does this remind me of?' and 'What comes to mind as I look at and hold this?'. Then, allow each of your treasures to inspire a word or a line in a poem. Let the words flow out. You don't need to know where your poem is going. Write down whatever comes out. This poem is about expression, not perfection. It can follow any rhythm you want. It might rhyme. It might not. It might be three lines or thirty. It's your poem.

Write out your poem using your tool-of-choice; be it a pen, pencil, pastel, marker or chalk. Write it in a notebook, your journal, a drawing pad, a chalkboard or in a new word document on your computer. Whatever works for you!

Once you've written your poem, you might like to give it a name. To remind yourself that treasures are always on your path, take a photo of your found objects, then use the pic as your screen saver or wallpaper on your phone or computer.

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Happy findings, Jelena x

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