Friday, December 14, 2012

Reset Your Frame

Creative Nudge Fridays is here!

Welcome to the third nudge. It's all about perspective. 

How you view your self, sets the frame for how you see everything else. On the flip side, how you see everything else effects how you view your self. Which means we can shift our perspective from the inside, out. Or the outside, in.

Here is an exercise that zooms in on how you see your outer reality to help sharpen the view of your inner one: Look out a window. Any window. Anywhere. Notice what you see when looking out {or in} through the window. Windows are all around us. In our home. Work space. Shopping mall. Car. Bus. Train. Aeroplane. Observe the view. How does it make you feel? Awake or dull? Uplifted or heavy? Expansive or squished?

When we are in a life-enhancing state - feeling inspired, playful, loved, thankful, supported and connected - what we see feels inspiring, joyful, loving, grounding, like a blessing and synchronistic. When we feel in a life-diminishing state - are anxious, uninspired, unsupported, unclear and melancholy - what we see feels crammed, boring, burdensome, unclear and disconnected.

Your external world gifts you ah-mazing insight into your goings-on within.

This weekend look out the windows that you happen across, and take note of any patterns that might emerge with what you see + how you feel with what you see. Like what you see? Brilliant. Don't like what you see? Shift your perspective to transform your {inner + outer} reality. Start by noticing the positive in what you see. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude for what is showing up in your life. Be open to the gifts awaiting you in every experience.

You might like to artwork it out on paper using pen, pencil, pastel or crayon. Or take a photo of what you see (include the window frame!) to remind yourself that you hold the power to reset your frame in any moment.

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As they say the eyes are the windows to the soul.

May you like what you see, Jelena x

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