Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You Were Born to Be {You}

There are an infinite amount of creative ways to express the truth of who you are. To quote Robert Benigni, I'm "full of joy like a watermelon" at the very thought. No matter how many mediums, methods and techniques I've explored, learned, tried, tested, forgotten about, remembered, played and worked with (130 and counting), there are more. An infinite amount of creative ways. Because we
are infinite creative beings. No matter whether you focus on one or attempt to try them all, they each hold the potential to be an avenue of expression for who you are. A voice to tell the story your life is here to tell. A vehicle for carrying your message out into the world.

Today I have message to share with you. It is a visual story weaving together words, images and sound. Thanks to my partner Danny Lorentzen for weaving his magic and producing its original soundtrack.

The video is called A Love Note to Self. It is exactly that. A love note. From me. To you. Because now is a brilliant time to be who you are. You were born for it.

Sit back, relax your shoulders and enjoy.

Breathe it in.

How did this video make you feel? What surfaced for you as you read the words, watched the images and listened to the music? Has it left you with a personal message, insight or reminder?

To read a transcript of this video click here.

Today's tweetable:

A Love Note to Self is soul-nourishment. Sit back, relax your shoulders & watch this: @jelenamrkich

Sit back (or get up!) to the soothing sounds wherever you are:

Get your copy of the soul-nourishing soundtrack 'Love Note' as an mp3 online download for $1.95!

Thank you for reading and watching. You blazing creative genius. Yes. You.

Jelena x

p.s. Kalvin was off like a rocket before he could feature in any of the stills in this video. He's not one to miss an opportunity for building sandcastles. He says you can tell a lot about a person by the way they build theirs. It doesn't matter if the sandcastle gets knocked down or washed up (there's plenty of sand on the beach to build another), what matters is you created it. Like your life. You weave your outer reality from the stories, beliefs, thoughts, patterns and emotions that reside on the inside. He says pay attention to the castles, er, reality you are creating. That tells you a lot about the goings-on in your inner world. Don't like what you're seeing or what's showing up in your life? Kalvin says the most effective way to change it is to make a shift within. If that feels too hard, challenging or impossible, he suggests to watch the video again! Kalvin says when you are conscious of who you are and accept that you create your own reality - when you step up to, show up for and really receive that knowing - then you embody the impossible - you embody the vibration of I'm possible. And so it is.


© Copyright Jelena Mrkich 2012.

Jelena Mrkich is an Artist, Art Therapist and Creative Catayst who is passionate about conscious creativity as a tool for healing, transformation and self-awareness. For more info visit or for regular creative good things join her on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

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