Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Your Universal Purpose

If there is a universal purpose we all share, it is to be who we are, not who we think we are.

When we are conscious of our desire to know more of who we are, we enable our essence to flow more ease~fully from the inside, out. We create the space to thrive, and rather than thinking this means a smooth-sailing and problem-free life, we gain the awareness {usually via direct experience, unexpected or otherwise} that being who we are and thriving, can and often does, push us out of our comfort zones. Right out.

We are pushed out of our comfort zones to be more of who we are. We might not always understand the why's and what-for's. But when we ask to be shown the gift in any experience, it reveals itself when we are ready, and when we need to know it. If you think you are ready and need to know it right now yet nothing is budging, you might like to ask yourself;
- What aspects of me are not ready?
- What message do these aspects have for me?
- What part of me does not want to know?
- What does this part wish to say?

When we are pushed out of our comfort zones we can let it block the flow of our essence or use the experience to bring more of our essence into our lives on all levels {physical, mental, emotional and spiritual}.

Moving beyond who we think we are {or ought to be} calls us to step up to something greater than where we are at. It asks us to be okay with not always being ready, with not always knowing everything we think we need to know. It invites us to let go of the details, step into the unknown and open ourselves up to the fullness of our ever-evolving truth.

Being who you {uniquely} are is a universal purpose that we collectively share. It will push you out of your comfort zones. Right out and into who you are, activating a deeper level of your personal purpose.

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p.s. Kalvin reckons being who we think we are is a bit like taking a selfie from miles away. You know it's you in the picture even if you are as tiny as a dot. And when you are a dot it's kinda challenging to see your whole self. But when we open to being or knowing more of who we really are, Kalvin says it's like zooming in on ourselves. Right in on our face. Kalvin thinks this is brilliant. Because it means we can see every fabulous laugh line and maybe even up our nostrils. And Kalvin, being a piglet, loves nostrils. They make him snort, and he says there really is nothing like a good belly snort laugh to help you open up to even more of who you are.

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