Wednesday, January 23, 2013

There's an Angel in My Tea

"Do you have tea?", I asked the lady.
"Yes.", she replied.
I waited a moment to hear the selection, though no such details were forthcoming.
"What kind of tea?", I enquired.
"Hot tea.", she replied in a gentle and genuine tone.
"Perfect," I said, "I'll have that thanks.".

It was oolong loose leaf. And as I went to take a sip, I noticed there was an angel in my tea. I put the cup back down and took a moment to observe my minuscule visitor. The oolong angel spoke to me of being present.

Being present gifts our full presence to whatever we are doing, wherever we are at. It creates the space for being in sync with our whole self. 

Our ability to be present works in partnership with where we place our awareness and what we give our attention to. When our awareness and attention are somewhere else, we can be doing one thing but a part of us can be doing another. There are times when this can be super useful, such as when we need to multi-task. But there are other times where it causes us to miss the magic and power of the present. Such as; when we are resting, but our minds are racing; when someone is speaking with us, but we completely miss what they have said; or when we action a task in one moment and forget that we did in the next. Whether we feel too busy, stressed, distracted, disrupted or are in denial in any way - being elsewhere can cause our whole self {body, mind, emotions and spirit} to feel out of sync. And when we feel out of sync we can either sit in it or shift through it. Sitting in it can attract more experiences of out-of-sync~ness.

Each out-of-sync experience is an invitation to break-through the pattern. Because our natural state of being~ness gravitates toward wholeness, a whole self that is in sync on all levels. 

Bringing our awareness to the now and giving our attention to where we are really at, assists us to shift through out-of-sync~ness and realign with being present.

We all have moments of not being present. Though the more we are conscious of where our awareness and attention are at, the swifter and smoother the journey back to the present, our own presence and being in sync with our whole self.

Tea, anyone?

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p.s. Kalvin {lover of creativitea in all its forms, including the sipping kind}, nearly fell off the table from excitement when he realised there was an angel in my cup. He went to dive in and splash around but the tea was still a tad too hot for such shenanigans. Kalvin says that tea {like art and creativity} has fabulous benefits for our whole being. It can soothe the mind, calm emotions, help heal the body and it's delicious. He reckons the journey of life is a bit like a pot of tea. Sitting in the hot spots too long can result in bitterness. But gifting your whole presence to the experience of drinking it, opens you up to its fullest flavour, richness and sweetness.

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