Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Liquid Saltiness of Harmony

You are a physical embodiment of your soul spark. Made up of stardust some say. 

Your light is made manifest into the visible world via your actions, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and what you hold in your energy fields. When you have awareness of and own your whole self - your body, mind, emotions and spirit
become your personal transformational team of constructive collaborators. And when they dance to a harmonious melody with one another, you create the most fertile ground for shining your light and being the full expression of who you are.

You create the most fertile ground for whatever you desire to create.

But cultivating, maintaining and/or reconnecting to harmonious~ness can first make you sweat. Think about some of the ways we get to a state of harmony, it can surface through years of yoga, birth from {inner or outer} chaos or arise after stating to the self, "Enough!". The element of harmony allows our inner aspects to fit together, unify and symphonise. Harmony is a powerful yet super-subtle-guide that allows us to forge our way forward. Without it we can feel forced in the direction our life is unfolding. Know if you feel disharmony it holds a sacred purpose for it tells you that at least one aspect of you is calling you to move through your life in another {new} way or to travel in another {new} direction. Be kind to yourself when discord surfaces on any level, it is often the very key that unlocks our desire for a more easeful and kind flow.

To check in with the goings-on in your inner world, you might like to ask yourself; 

Are your actions heart-based or fear-driven?
Do your thoughts uplift you, helping you to expand or suppress who you are?
Can you be with your emotions or do you sweep them under the carpet?
Are your beliefs empowering or self-limiting?
Are you happy with where you are at but feel a perhaps-not-so-quiet whisper that there really is much more for you?

Shifting the way you move in your inner world transforms the way you shine your light {and how it reflects back to you} in your outer reality. Being the full expression of who you are is an ever-evolving journey. It may very often mean going beyond your comfort zone(s). Call in a more harmonious melody within your whole self to help you forge not force your way forward.

If that makes you sweat, know those self-healing, cleansing salt beads are liquid droplets of your soul spark.

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Shine on, Jelena x

p.s. Kalvin propped himself up on my crayons and plunged into my pink-painted-art-journal-page. He chuckled saying that is the full expression of himself. After all he is a pink piglet, and why roll around in mud why you can roll around in heart-chakra-nourishing fushia~ness? Kalvin reckons the greater our awareness of what we do, think, feel and believe, the greater our ability to be the full expression of who we are. The *full* expression of who we are can almost sound like a pre-written already-determined masterpiece. Almost. However, he happily adds, every moment is like a blank canvas. Kalvin says as the co-creator of your reality every moment is essentially what you make of it. You are the masterpiece in motion. Bringing your soul's essence, your spark, into the physical.

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