Saturday, January 12, 2013

When Kindness Activates Itself, Bookmark It

Creative Nudge Fridays is here!

Welcome to nudge #7. We're creating super food for the soul aka kindness. And passing it on. 

Kindness is connecting, uplifting, life-enhancing and sets a cycle in motion for its energies to flow back to you, through you and into your life. It's free feel-good super food for the soul. To extend feel-good energies out we need to be open to feeling good from within or even open to simply feeling better than we do. We hardly want to extend kindness out when we feel squished, squashed or less than we really are. When we feel {or desire to feel} love, calm, joy, centered, grounded and aligned with who we really are, kindness activates itself.

Here is a nudge to inspire you to action a creative act of kindness; Create a handmade bookmark. And pass it on. To someone you don't know. Allow 20-40 minutes for this exercise, or as long as you like.

You will need;
- Material for the base of your bookmark; heavy paper or cardboard or recycled card such as a cereal box.
- Your choice of materials for creating your bookmark art; pens, pencils, pastel, watercolour, paint, magazines, old artwork, coloured paper, ticket stubs, stamps or whatever you desire to use.
- Ruler or tape measure.
- Pencil.
- Scissors.
- Glue.

To make the base of your bookmark, take a ruler and pencil and draw out a rectangle shape on your paper or card (6cm wide x 18cm long or 2.4" x 7" works well). You could even trace around another bookmark you already have. Then, cut out the rectangle shape to form your base. To help you get started with what to put on your bookmark, ask yourself how would you like the person to feel when they receive it? Use that as inspiration to create your bookmark art. Use whatever medium and technique calls you. You can draw, paint, cut, paste, collage, stitch, sew or write a poem on it.

When you are done, make sure your bookmark is completely dry and smudge proof (depending on the material you used, matt varnish, hair spray or a mix of glue + water can help set your art). Drop into your local bookstore or library for a visit. Find an inspiring book that calls you and carefully pop your bookmark into its pages. You wont know who will receive your bookmarked kindness. But you will know you have shared a creative act of kindness out into our family of humanity to help spread the love. People need it. We need it. Every day.

Creative tip; If you love your bookmark so much you wish to keep it, make two! One to share and one for you.

To remind yourself that kindness activates itself when you feel good, take a photo of your handmade bookmark, then use the pic as your screen saver or wallpaper on your phone or computer.

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Authentic kindness is positively expansive. In giving we receive. If being kind is depleting your energy, check in with the state of your own self-love tank. It might be time for a refuel;

Create on, Jelena x

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