Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shine On, Like the Moon

As beings of light even our shadow has the potential to shine. And when our shadow shines, our whole self illuminates. We are full. Like the Moon.

From Earth's perspective there are two sides of the Moon that make up its celestial self. The dark or far side, which is the side we never see (though it does actually see the Sun), and the near side which is the side we do see.

Our whole self also has two sides. 

We have a dark or shadow side, being the hidden aspects of us - the aspects of self that we are unconscious of, disconnected from or suppress. When we shut down or shun parts of ourselves it can feel challenging to see the light that we are and the light within our experiences. Our view of who we are and what is happening narrows, and feelings of frustration, blame or shame in one area of our lives can permeate into other areas. On the flip side we have our near side, being the conscious aspects of us - the aspects we are aware of, acknowledge and embrace. Self-awareness and self-acceptance broadens our perspective on what is happening within and around us, enabling us to see or seek gratitude, higher purpose and meaning from the inside, out. From this space we illuminate our whole self and open to the full expression of who we are.

As humans we fluctuate from one side to the other. Both sides hold a purpose and gift us lessons. Neither side is right or wrong. Though each side has its own influence on the quality of our experiences. When on the dark or far side, our visions may lack clarity and moments of gratitude can seem fleeting. When on the near side, we can more ease~fully return to our centre whenever we step out of it. Knowing on what side you are more prone to pitching your tent can help shed light on your current life perspectives - and gifts you with the opportunity to make changes if you are feeling pulled to do so.

Illuminate your whole self, open to the full expression of you. Begin wherever you are.

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Shine on, Jelena x

p.s. Kalvin loves the Moon, he says it encourages us to illuminate our psyche and pay attention to our intuition. He reminds me that this week's New Moon is the first of 2013. The current moon energies are supporting us to wash away old emotions and bring to light our true feelings in order to help illuminate our next {new} step forward. To help embrace both sides of the self and step into your fullness, use this following Moon Mantra; "I now see and embrace my whole self, and honour all aspects of me. I lovingly express the light that I am."

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