Monday, September 23, 2013

Spread Your Wings

23-29 September 2013; 'Spread Your Wings', this morning's intuited sketch from my soul with a message for the week ahead.

The colour-filled and calm winged one arrived to remind the self, 'this way up!'. 

This way to the highest vision of yourself and your life. Spread your wings, let go of the outcome and be free (from within) to see the heights they are capable of (up)lifting you to.

We're working with the notion here that you have a pair of wings. Well, you do. The more you know this the more you can work with them and spread them wide to help shift yourself beyond old patterns, inner-tensions and self-doubts. Sounds too fanciful? Remember, you are a miracle happening on an organic life-supporting rock hurling through an ever-expanding Universe at the precisely the exact speed to keep you on it.

Your soul has a pair of wings, and while you are here they are located right in between your shoulder blades. They move in tune with your whole beingness.

Here is an exercise you can do to Open Your Wings right now; 

Take a moment to sit or stand comfortably (if the only spare moment you have today is in the bathroom, that's as good a place as any!). And inhale slowly and deeply (bring your breath all the way down to your abdomen and allow it to fill up like a balloon). And exhale, releasing all the stale air. Again, inhale deeply and slowly, this time become aware of your chest expanding. And exhale. One more time, inhale deeply and slowly and as you do see your wings puff wide open behind you. And exhale. A note, some of you will be able to visualise this process. Others might need to imagine it is happening, like you are pretending and that is okay. Or you can work with the words and allow the process to happen in whatever way feels right for you.

Whenever our chest aka heart chakra feels it has room (is allowed) to breathe, your wings shoot open even if your arms are by your side. Whenever you trust your heart they shoot open (I'm told it's their favourite method). Whenever you follow through on your inner knowing or centre yourself in your truth within, your wings shoot open. Whenever you are expressing yourself authentically, feeling gratitude and in a state of calm, they shoot open. When you invest in self-care, they yes shoot open.

Our wings are also our helpers. Especially when we don't know which way to go or when it feels too overwhelming to shift yourself from where you feel you are at to where you wish to be. Whenever we find it challenging to trust our hearts, are doubting our own selves or feeling displaced from within, what is the one thing we must all keep doing? Breathing. The more you tune into your breath, the breath itself can help relax your chest. Keep breathing. And your wings will puff open to help you.

This week, spread your brilliant wings. 

We're not talking about being showy in order to prove our worth to others, we talking about showing up for ourselves, showing up as who we really are (which means having the courage to be vulnerable). If you are doubting your worth or who you are right now, breathe through it. Puff those wings open that will show you otherwise. You can do it. *If you are new to your wings, test them out. Practice with the breathing exercise and notice how this changes your mood and mode of being.

I'd love to hear from you. How do your brilliant wings assist you? Add your comments below or be a part of the conversation on my Facebook Page.

Shine on, Jelena x

p.s. while doing this sketch I unconsciously flipped my art journal around, thus it's upside-down in relation to the rest of the book. Sometimes things (need to) appear upside-down in order to be seen in a new light and thus (re)turned right-side-up. Including our own self x

© Copyright Jelena Mrkich 2013.

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