Monday, September 16, 2013

Inner Eye Open

16-22 September 2013; 'Inner Eye Open', this morning's intuited sketch from my soul with a message for the week ahead.

There are an infinite number of ways to view the self and what is known as reality. 

Reality is what-is-real for you in any given moment. Yet we can dedicate so much of our energy and effort to one version of reality, the mainstream version. It's the one the majority conform to (the majority of our personal clan, work tribe or greater community), which does not make it the only reality nor the one where your soul most thrives in. When others insist you need to get with reality, it's simply a request to get with the reality they are most familiar with, believe in or have been told or taught they must align to. You know, in order to be enough; worthy enough, loved enough, good enough. But of course your inner eye already sees you as all those things no matter what.

When you live in your truth - and nurture that connection - it is more easeful to recognise and respect other people's reality (without necessarily needing to demolish your reality or pack up and move right into theirs). There is no right or wrong reality, there's the reality that resonates with your truth. Different versions of reality can and do harmoniously co-exist all the time. Though our mind, doubts or old ways of being might like to convince us otherwise.

Your inner eye is whatever it means to you, it might be; the view from your spirit, the perspective from your heart, your wisdom within, your soul's truth or inner knowing. Our inner eye sees with love, kindness, gratitude and patience. It is a guiding force that sees what is true for you right now, sans judgement.

This week zoom in on what your inner eye is seeing. 

You might also like to pay attention to what reality you are subscribing to. How are you perceiving yourself and the goings-on in your outer world? Are you seeing through doubt or faith? Is your lens blurred from stress and fatigue or made clear by inner-breathing-space and calm? Is your view of self and life shaky or grounded?

Our inner eye has seen where we have come from, it knows exactly where we are at and sees our next step with clarity. Whenever you feel unclear, unsettled, sidetracked or think you have lost your way, use those moments as an invitation to go within and check in with what your inner eye is seeing.

Your inner eye sees you with love. The more you are able to love (and receive) what it sees, the more you see (and receive) what you love.

I'd love to hear from you. How do you connect to what your inner eye is seeing? Add your comments below or be a part of the conversation on my Facebook Page.

Shine on, Jelena x

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