Friday, September 20, 2013

Being in the Flow

Creative Nudge Fridays is here!

We're being in the flow.

Giving ourselves permission to let go of old emotions allows us to respond to current happenings in a new way. It's emotional channel clearing goodness. Here is another way to nurture your own flow. Find a flow imprint in nature, such as; grooves in the sand, ripples in water, wind blowing across a field, dappled light on the ground or whatever speaks to you of flow in nature.

Then, be in it. Include yourself in this flow imprint you find in nature. See yourself and your energy as a part of this flow.

If it's not possible to include yourself physically, imagine you are a part of it in your mind's eye. 

Notice how flowing you feel in relationship to the flow imprint in nature. If you like you can explore this further in your journal by asking 'what message do you have for me?' and writing down what comes to you. Or artwork out your response.

To remind yourself that your inner flow is a part of nature's flow, take a pic of your flow imprint in nature. Then use the pic as your screen saver or wallpaper on your phone or computer.

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Create on, Jelena x

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