Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Part of You That Knows

There is a part of you that knows.

That knows you are divine. Even when you are sure you are not.

That knows you are enough. Even when you think you really, like really aren't.

That knows you are pure light. Even when your shadows are running riot.

That knows the way. Even when you think you are definitely lost.

That knows it is all okay. Especially when everything appears otherwise.

Your divine self knows. 

We birth into the world as our divine selves. Even before we learn how to control our physical movements, we are able to communicate. Where does this ability come from? Our divine self knows. The part of us connected to all. We are born unaware that we are separate beings. In our first few weeks and months we are so deeply connected to this sense of oneness, that infant behaviour research has discovered newborns and mothers can coordinate their heart rhythms within less than a second. It's called interaction synchrony.

And so our journey unfolds. Life stuff happens. 

We begin to receive signs from our outer world not to do this, not to say that, be like this, act like that - signs that usually serve to disconnect us from our divine knowing rather than strengthen the connection we arrived with. We see it expressed in our own lives and those around us as heavy feelings of separateness, a deep sense of disconnection, an insatiable hunger to belong and a perpetual fear of not being enough. And all the while our divine self continues to know. It continues to trust itself. It continues to stay plugged in as it sits in non-judgement, ready to assist you whenever you allow it.

To allow your divine self to come through you, you can ask it to do so. Ask it aloud or quietly within, or ask it to come through you in your journal. Another way we can ask is to invite it into our lives through imagery in much the same way vision boards work. Meditating on or looking at images that resonate with us helps to deepen our connection to the part of us that knows.

'Star of David', my latest energy imprint above, can be used in this way.

Inspired by a special astrological formation this week, which saw two grand trines overlapping one another to form a 'Star of David'. Aptly named after Israel's king David who was born when the planets were aligned in the same symmetrical shape. And so some say kings are born under this cosmic influence. The brilliant news is you don't have to be in line to be a king. We are all benefiting from the current goings-on in the Universe. It's a golden invitation to connect deeper with your inner divinity. There are heightened opportunities right now to see and receive the richness of who we really are. And step up to it. If you are seeing obstacles instead of opportunities, your divine self asks you to look again.

Your divine self doubts not your divine destiny. Be who you were born to become. How can you show up for that today?

I'm showing up by sharing a gift with you.

'Star of David' is available as a free digital download for your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Download your option below by clicking the link. Save it to your device. Then set it as your wallpaper.

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Download your free inspirational wallpaper now:

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I'd love to hear from you. What opportunities are showing up for you right now? It may very well include opportunities that arrive in unexpected packaging. Add your comments below or be a part of the conversation on my Facebook Page.

Shine on, Jelena x

© Copyright Jelena Mrkich 2013.

Mother and infant coordinate heart rhythms through episodes of interaction synchrony.
Infant Behavior and Development Volume 34, Issue 4, December 2011, Pages 569–577

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  1. this is a part of truth, like all in this cleaved reality. BUT, this information have a big amount of transparency, i love to read you. Namaste.