Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Be Kind to Your Mind

Our thoughts are impressive. They make an impression on how we feel, what we do and how centred we are within our being at any given time. Where our mind goes, it creates a groove that invites our whole self to move in that direction. When we think life is always blessing us - our energy, emotions and actions tend to draw more blessings to us. When we think everything is going against us - our energy, emotions and actions tend to, well, make everything go against us.

When we think enough similar vibrational thoughts (be they calm-grounded-grateful, inspired-kind-mindful or chaotic-overwhelmed-suffering), it's like the mind sends out a memo to your team-of-you, that reads, "Heads up team! This is where we are going now! Let's align!". 

It takes a lot to keep your inner world in the state that it's in. Enter your team-of-you. It consists of all your inner aspects, from the unsure self to the assured self and every other self in between. To check in with the state of your team-of-you, observe your thoughts. Are they self-loving, supporting and encouraging? Are they helping you to move forward on your highest path? Are they impassive or reactive? In harmony or arguing? Peaceful or frustrated? Growing and flowing or stuck in an old pattern that's on replay? Too busy being busy they've pushed aside your dreams and desires? Where your thoughts are at informs you on the state of your team-of-you aka your whole self. Your team-of-you doesn't judge your choice of thoughts (conscious or subconscious), it receives them as your focus point and draws more of the same to you.

If you love the way you think, brilliant. If you desire to transform the goings-on in your mind, it's possible if you think it is.

To think the way we desire we need to break through old thought patterns. To fight, deny or dismiss them can turn up their volume. Instead thank them. Love them. For they have brought you to here. If it resonates with you ask them what message they have for you. So often old ways and modes of being, including old thought patterns want to be seen before they can move on. Acknowledgment is a powerful key for unlocking the energy of transformation.

Let any old thought patterns know; I see you, I hear you and I now let you go.

As the energies of this weeks Full Moon reminds us, when the mind is at ease it steps into its highest role of being a positive ally to our deep inner knowing.

Wherever you are at in your life journey right now, be kind to your mind. To think is to imprint. May you think the way you desire.

I'd love to hear from you. In what ways are you kind to your mind? Add your comments below or be a part of the conversation on my Facebook Page.

Shine on, Jelena x

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