Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pressure to Potential

Our whole self is born to be just that, whole. And so it constantly invites all our inner aspects to come to the party. There's always a group that don't need to be asked twice. Some arrive ease-fully with their party shoes on and ready to go. Others hesitate, wait by the door for further encouragement. There are those that check in with the rest to see what they are going to do before following suit. Then there are those that show up kicking and screaming. Ah, the ones who are on some level resisting (in that moment) to attend. All that resistance can create conscious and/or subconscious pressure. Which really makes them our diamond aspects. They so often hold the most illuminating of insights that at first glance can appear to be, well, bulky and cumbersome coal.

Our diamond aspects are super savvy at getting our attention. You might have witnessed them showing up in your own life as being; rowdy, mischievous, in the way, too loud, too much, too shiny, too independent, rebellious or stubborn. They are after all, very adamant that if they don't show up in these particular ways - we may very well miss their precious messages.

We can ignore our diamond aspects, push them aside or try to tune them out. Like really, really try. But when you are truly ready for or are in need of their deep wisdom, try as you might they will do their best to be seen. Before they fully come to the party, which they secretly wish to do.

It draws upon our deepest courage to pay attention to where we most resist our wholeness. When we do pause to listen in whatever way calls us, we create the space for our inner diamonds to reveal their true brilliance.

It is in opening to the gifts of our diamond aspects that activates their highest potential - of assisting us to be more of who we really are. Fully and whole.

And, as a bonus it's what gets them to the party.

Diamond aspects surface in divine time. We can not force them to surface, though we can invite them to be more clearly seen. It is a life-long journey to embody more of our wholeness. Trust your own flow.

I'd love to hear from you. In what ways have you noticed your diamond aspects surfacing in your life? Add your comments below or be a part of the conversation on my Facebook Page.

Shine on, Jelena x

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