Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Up Your Inner Bliss

What if you knew that pleasure, as a way of being, was seeking you right now. Would you answer its call to lighten up? Would you seize the opportunity to expand your joy? Would you accept its invitation to be more playful with who you are? Or would you press pause, take a ticket and push it aside for later?

Pleasure is expansive, soul-nourishing and boundless. It is readily available to us in each moment. But how ready are we really to be present to it, and to accept it?

Every experience of sheer joy need not be off-the-richter scale states of euphoria. True inner joy is cultivated one happiness at a time, no matter the intensity. Yet how we respond to pleasure on one level informs us a great deal about how we respond to pleasure on any level. Let's consider for a moment one of the most intense points of physical pleasure aka the "big O". It is interesting to note men have little challenge experiencing this. On the other hand, according to Planned Parenthood statistics, at least one in three women have issue in this department. Our culture calls it "Female sexual dysfunction (FSD)". The very word 'dysfunction' suggests that in fact intense states of pleasure are a natural part of female functioning. Others say women just aren't built 'that way'. As George's dad in an episode of Seinfield says to Elaine, "What the hell does that mean?". She responds, "That means whatever the hell you want it to mean!". 

So, what might really be going on beneath the surface of such an imbalance within humanity? Regardless of gender we each hold masculine and feminine aspects within. Our divine masculine makes no excuses for immersing in fun on all levels and is more au fait with meeting its own needs of pleasure, including but not exclusive to sexual pleasure. Our divine feminine however, has been placing the pleasure of others (including the inner masculine) above the needs of her own pleasure, also including but not exclusive to sexual pleasure. We are living in a time where this is shifting. The divine feminine is awakening on an individual and collective level. The more we surrender to this awakening within our own selves, the more we awaken to its positively powerful ability to transform our lives, our relationships and our outer world.

Adept at self bliss, our divine masculine is now ready to expand its definition of pleasure to include the embodiment of heart-based love. Experienced with heart-based love, in particular expressed toward others, our divine feminine is now ready to expand its definition of pleasure to include her own bliss.

Inner bliss is a vital part of the full expression of who we are. Every little morsel of joy matters.

I'd love to hear from you. In what ways do you pursue or push aside your inner bliss? This question can also be used as a journal prompt! Add your comments below or be a part of the conversation on my Facebook Page.

Shine on, Jelena x

p.s. Kalvin says when we surrender to bliss~fullness on any level, it helps us surrender to bliss~fullness on all levels. Pleasure can show up in an abundance of ways depending upon where you are at in your life right now. It might show up as a smile in your eyes, in being present in the moment when immersed in play or in greater actioning of what feels good for the highest vision of your life. Kalvin says pleasure as a way of being is seeking you right now. To help you up your inner bliss here is a pleasure activating affirmation; "I breathe with pleasure. I allow pleasure to flow through me. I open to the pleasure in my life right now."

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