Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Your Highest Path

Imagine there's a path to the highest vision of your life vibrating in the ethers. It's there for you right now. Are you on it, near it or feel far from it? What if you knew there was no right or wrong way to reach it? That all roads can transform into it when you ask and allow the self to receive?

What might it alter if you knew that the path to the highest vision of your life existed beyond self-made beliefs and limitations? That it's there for you if you believe in destiny and that all things are predetermined. That it's there for you if you believe life is an exclusive free will experience. That it's there for you if you believe that you are a co-creator of your life; creating, choosing and deciding as you go along. Perhaps aware of a higher force taking care of the who, what or where, but knowing it's completely up to you in how you choose to deal with and move through the things that show up on your path.

We can concern ourselves that we've fallen way off track. That we missed a turn that will never present itself again. That we made the wrong decision. Or moved in a way that our present self might feel uneasiness, disappointment or regret about. What is for your highest good is unencumbered by lineal time. Where a choice was made that your present self now questions, the lesson or gift is there for you when you bless not blame your decision. Where your soul desires to manoeuvre, a missed opportunity will present itself in another way. If not, trust your soul desires for a new experience and allow yourself to be present to the new opportunities that present themselves.

Far from an ordinary straight line, our life path is an extraordinary synchronised kaleidoscope of many roads. 

The roads we can journey on are vast and varied. The road of our dreams. The road of our fears. The road we have been told or taught to travel upon. The road we think we ought to tread. The road of struggle. The road of liberation. The road of anxiety. The road of peace. The conscious road. The unconscious road. The road we are walking to avoid another road. The road of our true self. The road of our false self.

If your road had a name, what road are you on right now? Giving it a name acknowledges the path and empowers you in the now. Name it with self-kindness, sans judgement. If more than one name surfaces, you might wish to journal out your response. Or artwork out your path with your pencils or pastels.

There's always a gift on your present road. Whatever road you are on, you can invite in the path of self-love. It is key to transforming all and any roads into the path to the highest vision of your life. 

I'd love to hear from you. In what ways do you know when you are on your highest path or far from it? Add your comments below or be a part of the conversation on my Facebook Page.

Shine on, Jelena x

p.s. Kalvin and I came across this silver heart beside the road while out walking this morning. We loved it. He especially loved that is shimmered. Like a beacon of light reminding him of our inner guidance. He reckons it's divine stuff when we develop and maintain a conscious connection with our inner guidance. He says no matter if you call it your intuition, your soul, your higher self, your gut instinct, your authentic self, your wise self, your heart or your divine life force. He says what matters is that we allow ourselves to trust the higher power within us. The more we trust its guidance, the greater our ability to accept the roads (and stories) we have come from. Acceptance gives us permission to set down the load of yesterday. Allowing the self to hold the beauty found within and on our path today. Like, say, a shimmering silver heart.

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