Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sip From What Makes You Shine

Everything we absorb, drink in and soak up is used as fuel for our being.

What we eat, the fluids we drink, the thoughts we think, the air we breathe, the emotions we hold, the beliefs we have, the inspiration we devour, the responses we experience, the actions we do, the movements we make, the words we speak, the words we attach to and how we perceive ourselves and our outer world - all fuel our being. On the surface they all appear to be very different types of fuel. What can be and often is similar is the quality of what we consume.

When the quality of our fuel is of a lower or dense vibration, our being requires more energy to process it. As a result we might find ourselves feeling depleted or drained of energy. When we gravitate toward higher vibrational fuels, we increase our health and sense of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. As a bonus higher quality fuels allows our inner furnace to burn energy more efficiently on all levels - giving us better digestion with everything we consume. Notice this in your own life, higher quality fuels enables you to literally digest emotions smoother, inhale more love, take in more joy and be more present in the now.

Eating an bunch of grapes is different to gulping down an emotion or swallowing an uncomfortable thought. Yet when we are aware that all these things provide fuel for our being - we can shift from leaving the quality of our fuel up to chance to consciously engaging with the quality of our fuel by choice.

Our being does not label fuel 'good' nor 'bad'. We all have moments when we feel triggered to do something we know is not so brilliant for us. Or moments when we simply fancy a treat. Like having a makes-my-inner-child-happy butterfly cupcake or a weekend fry-up for breakfast. On a not so side note, having such things on a regular basis shape-shifts a treat into an energy depleter. What matters is the quality of fuel we most often choose on a regular basis.

To create positive change in your life, or increase your sense of wellbeing on any level - check in with the quality of your fuel.

I'd love to hear about what fuels you! How do you notice the difference in your own life between lower and higher vibrational fuels? Add your comments below or be a part of the conversation on my Facebook Page.

Shine on, Jelena x

p.s. Kalvin says what fuels us brews together to form our very own personal blend of life tonic. It's like a bowl of goodness from which we draw our sustenance from. Of course the goodness in your bowl can only be as fabulous as the ingredients you put in it. Kalvin says our personal blend of life tonic is magical, in the sense that we can change it at any time. We can add to or subtract from the blend. We can dull it down or perk it up. We can neglect it as a resource or make conscious use of it as a self-nourishing tool with abundant boundless possibilities. Making more nourishing choices with what fuels you can transform you, your path and the vision you have for your life. Sip from what makes you shine.

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