Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Move Toward Your Light

Seedlings and plants have an innate response to "move" toward the light. Super sensitive to their environment, they bend and grow in the direction of their light source. We too bend and grow in response to our environment.

Each and every day our whole self experiences movement. From moment to moment our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states can shift slightly or significantly. As we go about our daily routines and regular happenings, our senses are receiving word about our internal and external environment - whether sensory via what we hear, see, smell, taste and touch or extrasensory via intuition (commonly known as the sixth sense), visions and telepathy. Our response mechanisms are so ah-mazing that it doesn't even matter whether stimuli is actual, imagined or a fallacy. We can be triggered by such things as; a tangible object, a real action, an imagined happening, a meditative experience, a factual memory or a false perception. This is a remarkable gift, as we have the capacity to consciously use our imagination and the power of imagery as tools to create positive and purposeful change in our lives.

We encounter stimuli throughout our entire day from the moment we open our eyes, be it; the natural light of daybreak, the sound of a little one stirring, an animal friend wanting food, an alarm clock sounding, a neighbour mowing the lawn or traffic driving by.

But what effect is your response having on the direction of your own growth? 

Tune into your current responses to gain clarity with the direction you are moving in right now - further away or closer toward your own light. 

If it resonates with you, here is an awareness exercise you can do wherever you are and no matter what unfolds during your day, whether a lot or very little. Pick a day this week and be aware of what shifts your states and when. You might like to write it down in a journal. Alternatively, during the day check in with yourself on the hour every hour and note down any inner or outer shifts. Do this without any judgement. Simply allow yourself to observe what shifts you. Notice what changes your body posture, what alters your mood and what triggers reactions within you. Take note too of what changes your energy levels.

The more aware we are of what shifts, uplifts or squashes us, the more empowered we are to make different choices if we desire. As a bonus, paying attention to what triggers us opens the doors to a rather fabulous personal resource library. When you know what gives you more energy, greater clarity, harmonious emotions and calmer thoughts - the more readily you can draw upon these experiences in your life when you feel otherwise.

What direction are you growing in? To tweak your course, pay attention to how you are responding to your inner and outer environment.

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p.s. Kalvin was sitting in my hand as we both became the tree during today's photo shoot. He laughed and laughed himself silly saying sometimes he feels teeny tiny in the world. But through the power of light and shadow he was able to be like the tree and stretch his limbs up to the Sun. He said this made him feel as tall as the tree and like his own roots were planted firmly in the ground. In that moment, as his shadow and mine became an extension of the tree, he realised that it doesn't matter how big or small we might think we are in relation to others or other things in the world, what matters is that you are here - like every plant and every tree, you have a place in the world.

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