Monday, March 18, 2013

Angel Wings

Angel Wings was one of my littlest chickens.

I took this pic with her on Friday as part of Be Your Own Light, a photographic journey by self-love guide Vivienne McMaster. My prompt was to take a pic in the shade. I was outside with my chickens for their evening walk as the sun made its nightly descent behind the hills. Looking up I realised that dusk throws a soft blanket of shade over all things. It's a magical momentary in-between time when there is still enough light to see sans any direct sunlight. With my camera in hand I turned on the self-timer mode and had a photo shoot with my chickens.

As she had been moving slowly in the past week most pics were with Angel Wings. I had been spending more time with her recently as I could see she was needing extra care. Soon after this pic, the chickens made their way into their coop for the night. I instinctively placed extra straw on top of their nesting boxes, right under where Angel Wings was perched. The next morning (Saturday) as I opened the coop to let the chickens out for breakfast, I found Angel Wings with her eyes closed. She had passed away in her sleep on the extra pile of straw. As those who love animals know, our animal friends become part of the family. My heart panged at the loss of her.

Heart pangs at the loss of something dear to the self are not comfortable. Yet to feel them are a blessing. For it says the heart is present, open and feeling. 

Creativity is one of the most powerful ways to move through such feelings and life itself, including its ebbs, flows, ughs, ahhs, wonders and woes. Creativity helps bring things to light, and is a transformational way to honour all that moves, strengthens, shifts and uplifts us.

Thus, I find myself writing this and sharing pics of AW.

Angel Wings at three weeks old, on the first day in her new home. 19 April 2010.

Positively tiny in their new home, the seven sisters at three weeks old. Raised by Danny and I, next week they turn three years old. Top left and anti-clockwise; Starsky, Angel Wings, Hutchie, Meryl, Frankie, Titch (Chica) and Mama Coop. 19 April 2010.

Angel Wings getting her scratch on in the grass last week. 12 March 2013.

Angel Wings and me, unintentionally captured with see-through arms - reminding me of angel's wings. It's a happy memory to know she got to sit in lush grass on her last night. And fills me with gratitude that in my hunt for shade, I caught an adorable momento. 15 March 2013.

Our hand-carved memory stick by Danny for the feathery ones who have transitioned. 16 March 2013.

My turned-out-not-so-random photo shoot on Friday reminds the self that the key to meaning-making and memory-creating in life is in being present to each moment.

Whatever you are feeling right now in your own life, bless the full spectrum of your feelings. For their presence means your heart is breaking open to more of who you are.

Shine on, Jelena x

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