Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Peace by Piece

When our soul desires for us to receive a message, sometimes it shares the message with us piece by piece. Not to make life more difficult, rather to create opportunities for us to encounter the divine. Our soul is speaking with us always, all-ways. Developing a conscious connection invites us to open our eyes, hearts and minds that much wider to the sacred signs delivered daily on our path.

To tune in to your soulful morsels from the higher realms, ask yourself;
- What have I noticed on my path today?
- What is its message for me?
- What else have I been noticing on my path?
- What message is in this experience for me?
- What have I not been ready or wanting to notice?

Think about what signs seem to be a theme for you at the moment, whether numbers, words, colours, objects, places, people, animals or other things. When the same or similar signs keep showing up, and we are paying attention, often they are messages of confirmation and arrive for support along our journey. When signs repeat, and we miss their message for whatever reason, the signs can become louder and larger, until we pause to pay attention.

Every message from our soul finds its way to us. And everything that finds its way to us is a message from our soul.

When we greet everything that shows up on our path from a higher perspective we open to the gift in each experience. When we love what shows up, oh happy days. When we might not like what shows up, ask yourself 'What is my gift in this?'. Seeing the gift creates the space for deeper inner peace.

The Universe is the original postmaster, meticulously aware of each and every impulse vibrating through us and our life. Each message for you is delivered either when you are consciously or subconsciously ready, when you ask for it on some level or when your soul is needing the experience. Trust that the Universe knows where you live. Open to the peace in the pieces from your soul.

Each message and every sign is a gift from you, to you.

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Shine on, Jelena x

p.s. Kalvin loves that the more we are aware of the sacred signs and messages on our path, the more we become aware of the bigger picture of our life. Noticing the little things allows us to see the interconnectedness in all things. Paying attention to what lands on our path and what is unfolding in our life helps us develop greater clarity, understanding and peace. Kalvin says this is super beneficial during such times when we feel like everything is falling to pieces. Sure, expanding our awareness might be like the last thing we feel like doing when in a state of anxiety, doubt and worry. Kalvin says when we are turning in on ourselves, physical triggers can help flip the switch such as; tilting our face up, lifting our eyes to focus on something else or taking a conscious deep breath in to expand our diaphragm. It's in the moments when we lift our perspective that shifts our experience - and opens us up to its gifts.

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