Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Be an Agent of Positive Change

How often do you positively love YOU? 

There are many ways to positively love the self via nourishing actions, loving emotions, kind thoughts, life-enhancing behaviours and self-caring habits. But sometimes it can seem like no matter how much we love ourselves, we encounter an impassible wall that blocks access to our highest level of blossoming. You might recognise it in your own life in such moments like; attempting to shift past an on-going issue, trying to heal a re-occurring negative pattern, striving to finally get over a self-sabotaging behaviour or tackling that all-too-familiar hurdle in the way of your dreams. So often our self-inflicted stumbles, challenges and hurts are a sub-conscious reaction to an experience somewhere along our life journey. However slight or serious our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wounds, when we have the courage to acknowledge our path, we create the space for deeper healing and transformation. Acknowledging our path also allows hidden aspects to step out from the shadows which can help us uncover why they might be resistant to heal, shift and transform. No matter how long a healing journey takes, we each deserve self-care and self-kindness every step of the way.

Which brings me to February 14. I like to call it Love Day. It's a brilliant day to remember to express love, care and kindness to YOU. Get creative; write yourself a love note, pick yourself a bunch of wild flowers, eat some chocolate, go to your favourite cafe, dance to your favourite tunes, have a relaxing bath, wear your favourite clothes that make you feel a million bucks or make a brunch date over the weekend with loved ones. February 14 also marks V-Day, a global activist movement bringing awareness to violence and abuse. In honour of its 15th anniversary, V-Day has launched One Billion Rising. A campaign that invites one billion women and those who love them to walk out, dance and rise up for the purpose of creating a real shift within humanity.

I am rising because a global rising is only made possible one by one. Every one can be an agent of positive change.

Open to a daily practice of positively loving YOU. When you come from a space of heart-centred love you become an agent for positively powerful change in both your inner and outer worlds.

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Shine on, Jelena x

p.s. Kalvin reckons every day is a day for love, care and kindness. There's no need to wait for Love Day to embody more love within us and extend greater love out. But Kalvin reminds me that's not to say don't get him anything. He's partial to dark chocolate, pink lotus petals, iced macha tea and is always open to new water-soluable pastels and dance shoes. Speaking of dance shoes, he says One Billion Rising is one ah-mazing opportunity for humanity. It will be one of the first times in history for one billion people to consciously rise up together. Kalvin says he will be rising. He says the rhythm of humanity dancing in unison for a positively powerful cause will send out ripples of healing and transformation greater than Earth has ever felt before. Want to be a part of that? All you have to do is dance.

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