Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Decisions and Higher Visions

Aptly named after Janus, the god of the doorway, January opened the door to 2013. Open doors symbolise a time of renewal, where we leave behind what was, and step forth into what is. It's exciting to journey through renewal, through beginnings and newness. Yet it's also a vulnerable time during which we can feel exposed and in the unknown as we release the old and that which might have previously defined us. Where it may trigger our doubts and fears, renewal asks us to face those energies and move forward with courage as we embody and express a deeper truth of who we are.

The past several weeks have been abundant with the energies of renewal. We've had V.I.P. access to the renewal of a great cycle spanning 26,000 years, we've welcomed in a new solar year of 365 days and this weekend we're about to greet another renewal. The New Moon in Aquarius on February 10 births the Chinese New Year of the Water Snake. The element of water speaks of flow, movement, change, life, growth and prosperity  The wisdom of the snake or serpentine teaches us about transmutation, goddess energy, insight, intuition and creative power. It's divinely symbolic.

Like a dancing snake 2013 is calling us to rise up from what no longer serves us and is drawing us into more of who we are. It can be emotional, especially when we might have never given ourselves permission to see, own or embody our true essence. It can also be uncomfortable as we stretch ourselves beyond self-imposed limitations. Which is why February follows the doorway. It's a month of love, which includes self-love.

Wherever you are at in your journey, remember to be kind to yourself.

Now is a brilliant time to lovingly check-in with where you are at. Ask yourself, 'What is my vision for this year?' and 'Am I moving in the direction of my vision? If not, what do I need to do to realign with my vision?'. If your vision for this new year feels wavering, yet to find its feet or you desire greater clarity with your life direction, this is your month. It's an opportunity for deeper renewal on any level and a greater connection with your authentic self.

Every time you decide to be more of who you are, you open the door to a higher vision of your life. Be courageous. Creatively courageous as you open the doors from within and let your light shine out.

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p.s. Kalvin says snakes continually shed the outer layer of their skin to allow for continued growth their entire lives. They shed several times a year, with some shedding every five to six weeks. Kalvin thinks this is a brilliant example of how renewal works in our lives too. He says the process of renewal doesn't shed all of who we are and plonk us back to square one. It helps us shed the layers that no longer serve us (including actions, thoughts, emotions and beliefs) as we embody more of who we are. For us too it's an ongoing process that allows us to experience continued personal growth throughout our lives. Kalvin reminds us that renewal can occur at any time. Outer experiences can trigger opportunities for renewal or we can tune in to natural cycles of renewal, such as the birth of a new moon, the start of a new year, a new season or a new day. We can also tap into its energies from within. Whenever we decide or desire to be more of who we are, we activate renewal from the inside, out.

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