Monday, August 26, 2013

The Inner Compass

26 August to 1 September 2013: 'The Inner Compass', this morning's intuited sketch from my soul with a message for the week ahead.

The needle of a compass always points North. Wherever you are. 

Your inner compass always points North too. Wherever you are within. North being your divine direction, the direction of the highest vision of your life. It is the direction of your potential, your heart, soul and highest self.

You are answering the call of your North whenever you are attuned to (accepting, surrendering to and receiving) your flow. Whatever that looks like and feels like for you in the moment. The unseen flow of your life is always guiding you. It's unseen to our human eyes but sight is not our only sense. This week strengthen the connection with your senses. Pick one sense to pay attention to. You might notice your felt sense; like whether your chest feels open or constricted, or whether your stomach feels relaxed or tied up in knots. You could turn up the volume of your sixth sense, your intuition and take note of what it is telling you.

Your highest vision remains untouched by where you have come from, what you have done (or not done) and what you have been holding onto. It accepts your story and keeps right on expanding and evolving. Whenever you are unclear with where you are at, unsure what to do next or feeling disconnected from your highest vision - know your inner compass is ever-present within you. You are its centre. Your compass always points North, in your divine direction. You get to flow with it or you can choose to resist it. Let your senses inform you.

Engraved on the back of the compass are the words:

I trust my inner compass. I face and embrace my True North. I am on my rightful path.

And f-l-o-w. Northward.

I'd love to hear from you. What does northward feel like to you? Add your comments below or be a part of the conversation on my Facebook Page.

Shine on, Jelena x

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