Monday, August 19, 2013

Miraculous Emergence

'Miraculous Emergence', an intuited sketch from my soul with a message for the week ahead, 19-25 August 2013;

From mud and murky waters the lotus flower emerges immaculate. 

Imagine if a lotus flower decided to focus on the murky water, refusing or resisting to blossom until it had purified every drop it drank? Instead it is the murky water that washes the lotus clean. Not a spot of mud adheres to the lotus leaves as the lotus makes its way above the surface to bloom in the open air.

The lotus starts off as a seed in the mud. 

As it grows it does not throw the mud over its shoulder to make its own journey more burdensome or difficult. The lotus makes use of the mud by planting its roots firmly in the river bed. Are you shouldering the mud in your life? The lotus says leave the mud where it is, no need to carry it with you. The mud is there to support your path not direct it.

From the darkness beneath the surface the lotus frees itself. 

It was born ready to emerge into the light. Are you waiting until you are ready; ready to be you, ready to shine, or ready to be or do… anything? The lotus says you too were born ready to emerge. You have been emerging into more of who you are your entire life. Even when it might feel like you are doing everything but.

The birth of a lotus is a miracle (like you). Its emergence is miraculous (as is yours). 

Are you holding onto a belief that your life right now is (or your yesterday was) as good as it gets? The lotus says it gets even better. Look to the miracles in your everyday. The lotus knows they are everywhere. This week pay attention to the presence of miracles in your life. They can help us shift from old ways of surviving to new ways of thriving.

The lotus seeds above the petals remind the self that when we open to our deepest truth we unleash our highest potential.

Rise up to who you are, it's your natural direction.

I'd love to hear from you. What miracles are showing up for you right now? Add your comments below or be a part of the conversation on my Facebook Page.

Shine on, Jelena x

© Copyright Jelena Mrkich 2013.

Permission is granted to share this post and images within it freely on the condition that the author is credited and this byline is included. Jelena Mrkich is an Artist, Art Therapist and Creative Catayst who is passionate about creativity as a tool for healing, transformation and self-awareness. For more info visit or for regular creative good things join her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


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