Thursday, April 25, 2013

Truth and Hot Chocolate

Truth is often seen as a fixed and factual force, an ideal place to cast our life's anchor. But what happens when what we know as truth, begins to shift? It can rock our boat and feel far from a safe harbour.

There are truths in life that are definite and precise, such as the truth that our physical body is made up of over 10 trillion cells and the truth that our planet Earth orbits our closet star the Sun. These principles of nature thrive and exist beyond the need of our validation or control. Yet because these truths exist, so do we. There are truths that form part of our reality for a short time or our entire life time, truths born out of trust in others. These can be life-changing truths. When expressed through the lens of inner wounds and fear, such truths can trigger and surface hurt within us. But when expressed through love it embraces its highest purpose and ultimately serves to uplift us even when it may initially feel otherwise. Then there is our own inner truth. The more we learn to ride its ebbs and flows without self-judgement the more easeful we find our footing whenever we might lose it.

Our inner truth is ever-present and positively powerful. We can consciously tune into its wisdom and allow it to illuminate our highest path forward. At any given moment we can resist or flow with what rings true for us. To connect deeper with your inner truth right now, ask yourself, 'Where does my inner truth sit in my body?', 'What does my inner truth look like?' and 'Where am I resisting or flowing with the wisdom of my inner truth?". Allow the responses to come to the surface or free write your answers in a journal.

Standing in our truth honours what is true for us in any given moment. Our truth can alter as our perspectives alter. The more you focus on refuelling your self-love and self-care tanks, the more easeful the transition whenever your inner truth moves through periods of growth and expansion.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio right now is a super-charged time for aligning with what rings true for you. If you feel right on track in your life, you might feel like life is gifting you a timely boost. If you feel off-course, you might feel momentarily lost but soon to be unexpectedly found. Hold steady to your inner truth with this Moon Mantra; "I hear my inner truth and flow with its wisdom. I trust my highest self."

I'd love to hear from you. What does your inner truth look like and how do you connect deeper with its wisdom? Add your comments below or be a part of the conversation on my Facebook Page.

Shine on, Jelena x

p.s. Kalvin just made himself a cup of organic hot chocolate. It's getting a bit nippy in the evenings here in Sydney. Being a lover of all things nourishing, Kalvin says it's drinkable self-care and a comforting reminder that truth like hot chocolate is fluid. Sure he says, it can burn our tongue when too hot or when left unattended can become unsavourily too cold to swallow. But when it's just right, when it rings true from the depths of our being, it warms our belly with pure and delicious richness.

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