Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Destuckify Yourself

Life is energy and energy is in constant motion. Which is why we can feel sad, anxious, unclear, frustrated or angry when we think there is no movement happening within us or in our life.

When we perceive a lack of movement on any level our energies can feel unexpressed. And unexpressed or suppressed energies can surface as a pressure, a pressed down self or pressed down emotions aka de-pression. This can show up as feeling frozen, bogged down or in a state of inertia. In other words, stuck. It's a block in our energy flow. And on the stuckness spectrum it manifests in a number of ways in our inner and outer worlds. On one end of the stuckness spectrum is a sense of numbness, feeling no-thing or a complete lack of direction. On the other end is hyper-activity, such as an over-active mind, hyper-sensitivity or over-whelming doubt. When experiencing stuckness, it's common to visit both sides of the spectrum and everything in between.

Whatever end of the stuckness spectrum we may experience at any given time, all energy is in constant motion and therefore possible to shift.

Think of a car stuck in sand, snow or mud. Slamming down on the accelerator spins the wheels, digging the vehicle in much deeper. So too if we feel stuck in any area of life, forcing ourselves to plough ahead, make big life decisions or expect ourselves to be ten paces ahead than where we are at - can expand the stuckness. But just because we can't charge ahead doesn't mean we are unable to move forward.

The steps for pulling a car out of mud can assist to de-stuckify humans too.

Acknowledge the stuckness. Denial keeps stuckness, stuck. Acknowledgment gives stuckness permission to flow. Letting the stuckness know you see it, is key to paving the way for positive change making.

Move into allow-ment. Allow yourself to be with the stuckness, with self-kindess. If self-kindness is challenging for you, think of someone or something you care deeply about and treat yourself with the same kindness as you would show to them. Moving into allow-ment is movement toward greater alignment with the full expression of who you are.

Shift gears. Behind the stuckness you are likely to find charged words and emotions. But before going there, we need to shift gears. One way to do this is to up your level of self-care. One step at a time. If one method isn't feeling great, try another. Do what sits right with you. Here are some helpful ways to shift your inner gears aka energies, and as a bonus these methods help to self-validate your experience;
- Go for a walk, it can be a stroll around your block or through a local park. Physical stress-free movement invites movement on all levels.
- Give voice to your stuckness. How is it really making you feel? Say it aloud until you really mean it! This might mean saying it a few times, or many.
- Write your stuckness out in a journal. Write with self-kindness. Write how stuckness has made or is making you feel. Write until you feel done. It might mean writing every morning for as long as it takes to see your own shifts. That's okay. Journalling is also a brilliant daily self-care tool.
- Reconnect with what gives you joy. Your 'Oh, I used to love doing that!' things. It could be visiting the beach, writing poetry, playing an instrument, listening to music, taking photos, singing in the shower, baking, doodling, dancing, doing yoga, bushwalking, spending time with loved ones, sitting under your favourite tree, spending more time with your animal friends, getting massages, gardening or whatever makes your cells smile. It's okay to do this in little steps, for example you don't have to re-plant an entire green-house, planting a few seeds in a pot can help shift (and ground) your energies.
- Be mindful of what you eat. We can be more sensitive to what we consume than we might consciously realise. Pay attention to how you really feel after eating certain foods. Choose self-nourishing options to help open up to a more nourished self and life.
- Drink water. It is actually ah-mazing how our whole self can feel drained and depleted when we are dehydrated.
- Talk to others in your life who you know will hold a safe space for your sharing. Or join an in-person or online support group where you can share your stuckness in a nurturing environment.

Forward and onwards. With a shift in gears via increased self-care, we open ourselves up to seeing that our stuckness has surfaced for a reason. Although it might feel far from it at the time, stuckness always has a gift for you. One way to uncover the gift is to dialogue with your stuckness. You can do this in your mind's eye, in a journal or during a facilitated session with a wellbeing practitioner. Imagine your stuckness is an energy unto itself, ask your stuckness;
- 'What message do you have for me?'
- 'What do you need from me?'
- 'What gift do you have for me?'
- 'Is there anything else you desire to share right now?'
In asking these questions, listen to the responses that come forth without judgement. Share any reponses you may have with your stuckness. Dialogue until you feel the communication come to a natural close.

On firmer ground. Thank your stuckness. An attitude of gratitude can shift disempowered being to self-empowered living.

Stuckness can cause mischief within us and out. The energies of stuckness can take time before we see it's not-so-positive and disempowering effects in our everyday life. Likewise it takes time to shift back into a more positive and self-empowered state. Be gentle with yourself. See yourself through the eyes of love. Cultivate self-kindness. And if you are feeling stuck or if ever you do, remember all life is energy and energy is in constant motion. All ways, always even we it seems otherwise.

Destuckification is possible.

I'd love to hear from you. What methods have helped you to destuckify, what has worked in your own life? Add your comments below or be a part of the conversation on my Facebook Page.

Shine on, Jelena x

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Permission is granted to share this post and images within it freely on the condition that the author is credited and this byline is included. Jelena Mrkich is an Artist, Art Therapist and Creative Catayst who is passionate about creativity as a tool for healing, transformation and self-awareness. For more info visit or for regular creative good things join her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


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