Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What Story is Your Life Here to Tell?

In my last blog post I shared my love note to 2012. In this post, we take it personal. You'll be getting a love note. 

This month I've been working on a video project. Gathering up and weaving together photos and footage. Super fun. But the narrative was, let's just say, challenging. What I thought would come out was quite different to what flowed
out. I had an inner debate about there being another story to tell. Then this morning at the moment I surrendered to the story that has unfolded, I heard the answer to why this story, why now? Because it is a love note to self. Because now is the time to live {and love} the story our life is here to tell. We are each a precious thread in the Universe. Each thread a story. Each thread woven together with the next. Interwoven with all life. Creating the very fabric of our existence. 

The thread that weaves my current video project together is a piece of music. Like the words, I knew not where its creation would lead. One thing lead to another and the next thing I knew I had my drums out and percussion instruments beside me today and my partner was clicking 'record'! I'm live! I started playing on my shaman drum. I shook the golden shakers. I tapped my clapping sticks. And with my bare feet on the bright-orange-hand-woven-rug-made-by-a-great-aunt-I've-never-met on the floor of my creative studio, I shook it out to the earthy beat. And it happened, the piece of music birthed out. My happens-to-be-a-musician partner took the sounds, wove his magic and produced a custom track for my visual story. Its organic creation speaks to me of living organically, of living from our heart. We are shifting from our head to our heart on an individual and collective level. It's time to enter the heart. It's where the love resides. It's where we uncover the story our life is here to tell. It's what gives life to the precious thread that you are. Yes, you are precious. You are worthy. You are enough. You are more ready than you know. You deserve a love note… 

A love note to self. The aptly named title of my video. I look forward to sharing it with you very soon.

Everyone has a story. Each one matters. Including yours.

Jelena x

p.s. While Eddy my cat was checking out the shaman drum, Kalvin thought it best to stay indoors during the photo shoot (he doesn't fancy being mistaken for a mouse). He does however, fancy love notes. He reckons we ought to give them and get them more often; write in a card, on a serviette, on a post-it, on a brown paper bag or whatever you have handy, including your own hand! And if there happens to be no one around this very minute to give one to or get one from, that's a great reason to write one for yourself. It's a fabulous way to refuel your self-love and self-care tanks. Kalvin asks, how are they doing by the way? Are your tanks full or empty, overflowing or feeling drained? In case they feel drained, Kalvin says tonight's Lunar Eclipse energies are here this week to help you release the things that might be sapping your love reserves. You can use the energies also to reset your intentions and realign to that which calls you forth and moves you forward. Oh! And he says to say he loves you.


© Copyright Jelena Mrkich 2012.

Jelena Mrkich is an Artist, Art Therapist and Creative Catayst who is passionate about creativity as a tool for healing, transformation and self-awareness. For more info visit or for regular creative good things join her on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

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