Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Impossible = I'm Possible

Today marks 30 days until 21 December 2012 ~ the commonly known end date of the Mayan Calendar. As all calendars do, this one is set to start again once it completes it's cycle. Only this Great Cycle has been a big one. 26,000 years. What an ah-mazing time to be on Earth. And an apt time to share with you a love note I wrote to 2012 on new year's day.

Dearest 2012, 

Your first sunrise was magical business and made me feel like we've met before. 

Your arrival has been long awaited, anticipated and debated. So much has already been said about you ~ movies made, tales told, artwork created, books written and controversies arisen. The Ancients knew that one day you would come, bringing with you the vibration of a finale, the end of an old paradigm and the birth of a new. You are an invitation to step up to, align deeper with and embody who we really are. You are a guide assisting us to activate our blazing creative genius, deepest desires and highest potentials. You speak to us of individual and collective visions, that have been clutched close to our bosom for eons ~ dream seeds planted before we arrived in the physical that tug and tug and tug on our sleeve until we pause to listen to its call. 

I feel you gathering humanity in the formation of a sacred circle. Guiding us back to centre {our core, our own zero point within} in preparation for an opening. You are ready to tell us the story our ears have known they would hear. The story of "Now". The time is now to live our purpose, as we are each born on purpose with a purpose. 

Like our closest star, we too are here to shine our light. And as we consciously and creatively express it out, we illuminate our world and transform it from the inside, out. Not possible? You whisper to us that the very word impossible says that I'm possible. You are a significant beginning. Yes. So are we. A generation of a humanity awakening.

I'm so glad you are here,

Jelena xx

p.s. I love you.

p.p.s. Kalvin {that's the pink piglet} loved this love note so much he wanted to wrap himself in it. Actually he asked if he could make a cape out of it. I asked him why on Earth does he need a cape? He thinks it's a tad funny that we humans have created the saying 'when pigs fly'. You see, this little piglet tells me 2012 is a rather transformational turning point for us, the end of the Mayan Calendar is precisely timed with the opening of a cosmic gateway ~ a galactic synchronisation will occur as our solar system traverses the centre of the galaxy, allowing amplified light frequencies from our galactic centre to beam straight to Earth. To all life. To you. What are we supposed to do with this energy? Tap into it by being mindful of where you are at and cultivating a conscious awareness of what flows to and through you {take note of your thoughts, emotions and actions}. Kalvin says it doesn't matter whether or not a particular date has meaning to you, being mindful and paying attention to yourself is always a brilliant thing.


© Copyright Jelena Mrkich 2012.

Jelena Mrkich is an Artist, Art Therapist and Creative Catayst who is passionate about creativity as a tool for healing, transformation and self-awareness. For more info visit or for regular creative good things join her on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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