Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Got Creativity? Use it.

There I was in the garden collecting zucchini flowers for eating when I had an a-ha! moment.  Picking ripe flowers continues to birth new ones on a consistent basis. But when left unpicked, creates a limited supply that become over ripe and when past their use-by-date eventually wilt. The amount of flowers that blossom doubles when the ripe ones are regularly picked. The same occurs for the rest of
the garden, from the basil and coriander to the rocket and bok choy. Nature contains a system that allows resources to rejuvenate and birth plentiful ‘fruit’ when nurtured and made use of in balance. Ignore, neglect or over-use a resource and it blocks it from achieving its full potential, becomes hidden under gathering weeds or exhausted from excessive use. This natural system is alive and around us every day. Many of us are familiar with this cycle when it comes to physical activity. When we maintain a balanced form of exercise in our life the more energy we gain and the greater motivation we have to keep on going. Pause for too long and it can be challenging to start up again. The same too with creativity, the act of tapping into it and using it simultaneously allows the self to simply be more creative and open up to its transformative, nourishing flow.

Resources in life, edible or otherwise, help sustain, fuel and maintain our well being. When used in a positive and balanced way they allow for fresh growth and abundance - opening the way for healthier pickings, tastier morsels and a more fruitful life.

p.s. Kalvin says that even when our creativity (or a zucchini flower) is pushed aside, paused, forgotten or neglected, a resource by its very nature contains within it the opportunity for renewed growth. The moment we give it a delicious drink of water aka more attention and use it, the healthier the plant, aka self. He would also like to mention, if you feel a plant or resource is too wilted for renewed growth, roll up those selves, pull out the weeds and plant a new packet of seeds. The way he sees it, life loves to birth life, and with it new growth is always possible. Whether you make use of your resources, are in need of replenishing hidden ones that have previously nourished you or want to plant a fresh batch - Kalvin tells me all nourishing resources love it when made use of and consciously included in our daily lives. Oh and he was quite chuffed that he actually fit into that flower, he reckons he looks like a goldfish.


© Copyright Jelena Mrkich 2010.

Jelena Mrkich is an Artist, Art Therapist and Creative Catayst who is passionate about creativity as a tool for healing, transformation and self-awareness. For more info visit or for regular creative good things join her on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

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